I was born in Milan (Italy) where I studied biology at the State University. I graduated in 1973 with a work about the pollution of subalpine lakes in Northern Italy. I worked for ten years in a research laboratory of a pharmaceutical company. In 1983 I left Milan and I went to Tuscany - a central Italy region - where now I live with my family (my wife and my daughters). Here I own a farm, where I work, near a small village.
I'm an amateur ornithologist since I was fifteen and I like to collect data, observations and make studies about the birds which live around me. After 2001 my ornithological interest focused on bird song study and avian bioacoustics. I found very useful the use of spectrograms to achieve a better knowledge of bird vocalizations; this idea led to the website you are now visiting. With some other friends I'm member of a local ornithological group (Gruppo Ornitologico Maremmano - GOM), which is mainly devoted to study local bird species, population trends and bird biology. This group works in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Grosseto.

My address: Marco Dragonetti
Loc. Poderone - Magliano in Toscana
58051 - (GROSSETO) - Italy

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