Apus apus - Swift - Rondone

Apus apus

DATE/TIME: 13/may/2007 (9 a.m.) - IDENTIFICATION AND BEHAVIOUR: Some swifts are flying over a small village, performing aerial pursuits. They are screaming and calling together - POSITION: Piloni, a small village near Roccastrada, LAT.N 4303'/LONG.E 1109' - ALTITUDE: 460 m. - VOCALIZATION TYPE: flight calls, screaming-calls. - SEX/AGE: unknown - COMMENT: Time interval between calls has been reduced in the spectrograms (vertical blue bars) and in the song sample. The second spectrogram shows calls uttered by two or more birds together (green box). Background: human voices and Sparrow (Passer domesticus italiae) calls. - MIC: (A)

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